Day 1: Fast Approaching Burnout

The last time I had more than 3 hours of sleep was last week. No I’m not staying up late at night playing wow (gamers would know what this means)–for non-gamers it stands for world of warcraft. I’m not even a gamer, I’ve never played wow but just saying because it’s a huge trend among teenage and forever single boys. Since Thursday last week I’ve been sinking in piles of deadlines, lectures, assignments and a huge presentation in my class tomorrow. In fact this past weekend all I’ve done is spend my time on my laptop writing out notes about the primal paleo-diet and the modern lifestyle and its associated ramifications. One good thing about my weekend was finally taking a moment to setup this blog. One good thing accomplished.

So here’s a recap: Friday I had no class but little would you believe, it was a crazy busy day. I was at school by 10am and spent the whole morning working on my presentation now due tomorrow. I attended a student group meeting and then worked in the evening till 9:30pm. I was psyched about Friday because it meant the end of the week.Saturday I was going to go to Calgary but that plan failed for me simply because this presentation has taken so god damn long. Anyways Friday I finally dozed off at 4:30am and woke up sharply at 6:00am at which time I prayed. It was a much needed serene start to my day. My family was gone to Calgary so I spent the day in solitude at home and was quite content with how much I was able to get done. I made a delicious almond-banana-cinnamon smoothie, note to self: make it again soon. I worked late into Saturday night and into early this morning. Dozed off for 2 hours and got back up to go to work today.

Despite little sleep and strained eyes, I managed to spend the day at work in good spirits. I was on task and the day went by pretty good right until the last half hour where my boss realized I under charged a customer by over $700. That’s not good. Anyhow, its fixable, the customer clearly overlooked it on paper and will just have to come back or call in her credit card now to pay the remaining amount. I got out of work about one hour late.

I could feel the physical pain and tension in my head as I got into the car, I found myself making an effort to breath deeply. After work my family went to my uncle’s house; it was my cousin’s 11th birthday so we went with a cake.
I’m home now, the presentation is still not quite done but I can’t do it anymore. My cortisol levels reached new levels the past few days, my wrists now hurt from typing all weekend and I have a scary feeling my presentation tomorrow is going to go terrible. I feel physical strain. I need sleep.

I was going to apologize but I’m not. This is a place for me to be myself. I don’t care, I don’t have to apologize for being so stressed and depressed in my day 1 post. Some days are good, most days are bad.

Going to sleep now, will wake at 3am to finish my presentation. Eyes strain, Throat constricts. Body pains. Mind numbs. Disarray.

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