Fell Off & Now Back On The Bandwagon

Ok I admit it. I’ve been bad. I fell off my new blog bandwagon and didn’t update with a new post for the last 3 days. I’ll admit it it’s been a hectic week at school. For those of you that are University students will hopefully understand. I know I know it’s only September right? No. This is always the worst month for me. I’m still getting used to finding my classes, writing down deadlines for the whole semester and basically still shedding off bad habits like procrastination. Truth be told though, it’s not so easy. Although my fall classes are going  alright, with the exception of computing science maybe >_< it’s my volunteering and extra-curricular schedule that is picking up. It’s all good though because it’s the days where I have no time for breaks that I become the most productive. Reverse psychology anyone?

Now what was I up to in detail the past few days? Well, ok. Monday I did my presentation which I’m pleased to announce went pretty awesome. Our prof in his closing remarks said something along the lines of how our presentation was what he was looking for from everybody and we blew him away. That’s gotta mean we get 100% right? haha, I hope so. Fingers crossed! After my presentation I felt like I had just ran a marathon, like the wind had been knocked out of me and my hair zapped. It was a good day though, after a weekend of slaving away, it felt good to be done so I went and got some retail therapy. Fitting for fall I bought a couple of nice dresses, here’s a pic of one of them down below. I also bought a nice pair of black riding boots and a few pairs of leggings to go with the dresses I’ve been slowly saving up for fall. Yayy!


The best thing about this dress are the black buttons on the cuff ofthe sleeves. Picture doesn’t even show them ;_;

Tuesday I pretty much died. I had class from 9:30AM till 8:00PM. I’ve been trying to lose weight and one of my goals towards that this year is not to eat processed carbohydrates. Of course that’s all campus has. From timmies bagels right to subway sandwiches. You honestly can’t get away but because I had ran out the door in the morning I had no time to make home made. I opted instead of opting for subway as I usually do to instead go on a walk to the nearest campus Sobeys. That’s when I actually realized how much walking I actually do during the day, I mean it’s gotta add up right? Anyway I bought a garden salad with thai tuna. It was sooo good and because it was the only thing I ended up eating that day, I patted myself on the back for not falling for my carb cravings.

Yesterday I had class from 9-12 and then I spent my afternoon volunteering at the children’s hospital near campus. Unlike some days where all I end up doing is organizing toys in the playroom, or washing toys yesterday I had lots of interaction with patients. I even got to cuddle with a 7 week old baby, she needed lots of love as the nurse told me, she was so precious! Fact: children are stronger than adults, especially sick children who are undergoing constant medical treatments and needle pokes. To all the people in the world who hate needles: GET OVER IT.

Once I got home yesterday, my mom made me and my sister some tossed marinated chicken. She’s really getting in on this whole healthy eating and lose weight thing. Thanks mom. My sister ended up tossing the marinated chicken on a whole wheat mini pita with some marinara sauce, it was good. I had that around 4pm so naturally by 7:30pm when my family sat down to eat dinner I was hungry. I had a rice bowl with salad. I’ve been trying to go to bed at a regular time lately but yesterday it didn’t happen, I was up till 1:30AM finishing my computing science lab work and then creating a sponsorship letter for a fundraising event. Writing letters takes lots of work >_<

Ok so that brings us to today. I got up really early today, like 4:30am I was wide awake. Weird right? Considering I only went to sleep 3 hours before that? I did eat my vitamins at dinner time vs. breakfast so maybe my brain was functioning much better. I do remember dreaming last night so that definitely means I got my REM sleep. My dream: the bits I remember at least–I went on an adventure around the world with Priyanka Chopra, why her? I’m just as confused as you are. We get ourselves caught in some sort of murder scheme that we had no part of and Akshay Kumar rescues Priyanka Chopra leaving me behind (DAMN YOU AKSHAY KUMAR) but not to worry because one of my favourite actors, and superman himself Tom Welling comes just to save me! **faint** Thank you Tom, and damn you Tees Mar Khan, you’re not even a real superhero.

Tom Welling in Smallville. Must See!

Anyways as I was saying I managed to wake up early and then leave home early and put in an hour of volunteering at the hospital before heading to class at 9:00am with a medium steeped tea from timmies. After my class I had a lab which I finished early too and now have extra time before my next class to write here on my blog 😀 Double win. So productive today, I hope I can keep this momentum going. Further note to self: eat vitamins at dinner time -> better sleep -> higher productivity next day. Correlation? Causation? Not quite sure yet.

The rest of my day should be easy, I have a lecture on social problems then a few of us on the exec of a campus student group are heading to this new restaurant near campus called naanolicious. Wait for it….it’s a naan bar! Cool huh? I’ve been there once before and I love it, they’ve got soo many different flavours of naans and paninis all with an indian twist. Note to self:do not overeat, order small portions or take one half of portion home for later. This sure beats sitting in a meeting room any day!

Woah!  I still have an hour left before my next class. Gonna study while the hamster in head is still running. You go little guy!

Productivity High. Mind Alert. Thank you Allah. Keep It Going.

Till next time!

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