Valium: A New Normal

Food for thought!

Valium’s Contribution to Our New Normal, By Robin Henig, New York Times
September 29, 2012.

Link to article here:


My 2 cents:

We live in an age of anxiety. Your normal self is defined by a concoction of potent chemicals ready to create a happier, more active you. We have become entrenched in the medicalization of mental illness and the only way to lead your life being the “real” you again is to become victim to big pharma. The patient is merely a passive biological being. The doctor becomes in the medical model the authority and a prescription of prozac, aderall, or xanax is the sole treatment.

Our generation’s drugs of choice have been valium, prozac and zoloft, alongside aderall and ritalin becoming incresingly common. Society is being manipulated by the pharmaceutical industry to redefine its concepts of sickness and health. Today, a market exists for everything and we all become consumers whether we want to or not. Society today.

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