Malala Yousufzai, a symbol of hope amongst the voiceless and silenced girls of Pakistan

She is fearless, enlightened, articulate, and a young Muslim woman who is the face of Pakistan and the hope for a faltering nation that can no longer protect its daughters

Such a brave young girl speaking out when so many responsible adults don’t. If Pakistan does not commit to removing power from its religious fundamentalists, then it’s society will never evolve beyond jungle law. This kind of common brutality is a huge indictment against religious fundamentalism and Pakistani society. Shame on the taliban (I refuse to capitalize the word). Shame on them for stopping women and young girls from seeking an education. Why aren’t people having major protests to protest against the atrocities of the Taliban and support Malala in her cause? Silence is acceptance. Shame on the people of Pakistan, shame on the government! It is your apathy, the only way they continue to maintain control is by keeping people ignorant.

To anyone living in Pakistan and all Pakistanis around the world: Many Malala’s have being silenced before, don’t let any more be silenced. Involve yourself. It has been Malala’s online blog, her writing for the truth that has won her Pakistan’s first National Peace Prize, can you not do anything for her?

They fear education. They fear knowledge. They fear enlightenment. Especially of women. They know that the education of women in the West led to their emancipation. It led to their ability to limit the size of their families, or to choose to have no children, or to choose not to marry. It led to their ability to exercise the right to vote independently of how their fathers, brothers or husbands might want to tell them to vote. It led to their advancement into employment and professional careers which put money in women’s pockets, made them independent, and in some cases made them powerful leaders in society and of society. And we know what happened to the former female leader of Pakistan when she tried to return to her homeland.

This is why a 14 year old girl like Malala Yousufzai is such a threat to them. As a young woman she represents a future they cannot stomach. She is Malala Yousufzai.

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