I’m baaacccckk

I’ve been neglecting to update on my blog. See the thing is I’ve been insanely busy lately. It’s not the type of busy where all of a sudden you’ve got an assignment and 2 midterms all the next day. It’s the type of busy where you constantly have stuff to do and more added on each day to a point you either procrastinate so much that you don’t do any of it or to the point you pick at it each day and just get tired of picking at it. No matter what it never ends. Yup that’s been my life the last 2 weeks plus or minus some major life traumatizing events and new perspectives.

Stuff keeps getting added on the to do list keeps growing. What’s worse is that every time I do manage to get something done I feel the need to reward myself exponentially with a 2 hour break. What is up with my mind? Do you people have to deal with this? 30 minutes of work followed by 2 hour youtube break.

I’ve got today and tomorrow off school but rest assured there’s plenty to do. In fact to remind myself I’m going to dictate here some stuff I have to get done…note that I said some stuff… this isn’t all of it. Here goes

1. Assignment due on Thursday at 2pm – 6 pages analysis paper..start today..review with TA tmrw 4pm office hours
2. Must work on GMO presentation seminar due next Monday – have to start early since I work on the weekend.
3. Create new hours form, update hourly records for volunteers, log all member requests
4. Finish ethics course and research quiz. Reply to researcher email
5. Volunteer at hospital. Call back Clinic
6. Take time to sort out notes for final exams and read ahead for classes next week
7. Go to gym. Make it to 9:30 cardio tomorrow morning!!
8. Review studies discussed in class; start final exam notes
9. Submit grants application and confirm granting for Fundraiser Event
10. Book appt for haircut
11. Print out and submit scholarship paperwork before end of November
12. Email Dec availability and LOA form to boss
13. Go to mall gift hunting

Hmm this is all I can think of right now. I think I got this.

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